Kiss on the Rock!

Every now and then an opportunity to see Rock N Roll legends happens along and the opportunity to see Kiss at Mile One in St. John’s in August of 2013 was exactly that, LEGENDARY!

Jackie and I in joined a group of friends perched up high on the balcony and were completely absorbed in the spectacle unfolding before us. It was our first Kiss concert and without a doubt this was proving to be one of the best concerts we’ve ever attended.


2013-08-03 22.09.25As usual I had my mobile phone handy and I was taking pictures and tweeting when all of a sudden I receive a response to a previous DM message. What happened next is still something I find hard to beleive and partially why I have to share (the other part has o be boasting). The message was from non other than Newfoundland and Labrador’s own Shannon Tweed inviting us to join her in the sound booth.

2013-08-03 22.10.24Without a doubt what was unfolding as a great concert was instantly elevated to an EPIC adventure. Not only did we get to meet a super star hottie we found out that her and her daughter Sophie are not only amazingly beautiful but also amazingly friendly, kind, and very hospitable. They took time to chat with us, get some pics and most of all, allow us to enjoy an amazing experience with them.

Here are a few of our memories that we want to share with our friends.

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