About Me

Family, Community, and Startups are the foundation of my strength and success.


I have the most amazing and supportive partner. Jackie’s continued inspiration and belief allows me to continue to do what I love. She is my greatest angel investor. My parents and my grandmother nurtured my ability to dream and believe that dreams can come true. They helped shape me into the person I am today.


I enjoy helping strengthen my community and helping entrepreneurs in anyway that I can. At least monthly, I coordinate events that allow entrepreneurs to connect and periodically, I’ll volunteer with other organizations to coordinate larger events that have an entrepreneurial focus. Check out my Community-Builder profile from entrevestor.com to learn more about me.


I thrive on creating value for the startups I get to work with, either as a founder, co-founder, or team member.

I’ve always been an entrepreneur even though, at the time, I had no idea what that word meant. In grade school, I’d invite friends to pay for a chance to win prizes. Think of it as a fun yard sale. For a quarter, you’d win a prize. By the time I reached middle school, I had saved enough money from my paper route and other business interests to buy a Commodore Vic-20 and learned to create software solutions. In high school, I began working at Radio Shack and sold computers to businesses. I then moonlighted and helped those same businesses create computer solutions to their business problems.

However, my first real taste of startup life (definitely not a phrase used at the time) came during high school when me and a friend decided to open a strawberry farm. We weren’t sure what we really needed to do so we reached out to other strawberry farm owners and ask their advice. Not only did they mentor us, they financially backed us, lending us the required assets until we could afford to pay for them.

Since then I’ve founded, co-founded, and managed many startups, several of which went on to be acquired and some that have failed allowing me to learn from those mistakes.